March 27, 2009

From the writer's heart

From the writer's heart

It is so difficult to write….it is like lining the edge of a river…fortifying the seamless deluge of life and it’s onrushing copious flow in varied directions. It is like taming the numerous undulating waves rising and fading, in one moment, running mad; to some unknown destinations…it is the pouring out of thoughts…giving vent to imagination. Putting soul in the inanimate world of heart, it is making the soul of life So palpable, that the reader can feel is making people realize…life is not about working…it’s about breathing the spirit of life…and reaching out the
Recesses of heart and brain…

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  1. Your writings are marvelous dear one!!! It is difficult to be a writer because the onus of conveying accurately to the public rests with writers.