August 14, 2009


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Anya Hindmarch Viola Wicker Clutch

Are you quite bored of the usual styles in the handbags? The material used is very much the same. And so is the feel that it evokes. If you are actually looking for a change in style and then go for Anya Hindmarch Viola Wicker Clutch. Anya Hindmarch Viola Wicker Clutch comes in entirely a different material, from what you usually carry. With it, you will observe a style with a difference. The material that is employed in the manufacturing of this handbag is the same which is used on baskets and furniture. This assures durability as well as style statement. There are no strings to carry this handbag. It has been so fashioned, that it goes in the palm of your hand.

It has a fine finishing and it is bordered with metallic gold trimmings at the edges. The coming together of a brown base material with golden lining is what you can call exotic! It has tortoise shell for its loc clasp, which is strong as well as durable. This handbag is fully lined, and comes with a personal pocket inside, which you can use for more delicate and important items. There is also a tiny ribbon accent at the bottom.

This handbag you can get in an affordable price of $355. The rare material used in it is not for an occasion or an event. This will go well on an important occasion as a family gathering as well as on an evening gathering with friends. Carry it with jeans or rather with a summer outfit. This handbag will give you a favorable appeal on all occasions. Biggest pushing factor towards this handbag is it’s pricing. You can’t get world out of $355. But this handbag, you surely can! Check it out, and there shall be nothing stopping you!

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